Our Story A little piece of South America in Hell’s Kitchen

The restaurant is owned by brothers John and Tommy Greco along with their longtime friend Christian Tanno.   The Greco name should ring a bell:  restaurateur John oversees the beloved Village eatery Philip Marie (open 18 years) that serves up delicious American cuisine extolling a “farm to table” sensibility. Tommy, making his debut as a restaurateur, is behind the popular lounge The Ritz, voted one of the best bars/lounges in NYC by the Village Voice and Get Out Magazine.


John, painstakingly fastidious about his kitchen, prepped extensively for the opening of this novel restaurant.  He traveled throughout South America for several months, diligently researching local cuisine, produce, meats, restaurants, groceries, outdoor markets as well as interviewing residents, coming away with a wealth of invaluable knowledge that he has applied to K Rico’s menu.

The elegantly appointed restaurant boasts a dining room, outdoor patio garden and sidewalk seating in the springtime.  A feature of the kitchen is the authentic “plancha” grill that will cook the wealth of fine steaks offered.